Pre-tax Margin

Example Definitions of "Pre-tax Margin"
Pre-tax Margin. With respect to the Company and with respect to a Performance Period means, as established by the Committee within 90 days after the commencement of the Performance Period (but in no event after the date required for a performance goal to be considered pre-established under section 162(m) of the Code), either: (A) the cumulative Pre-tax Income for the Company for such Performance Period divided by the Company's cumulative revenues (determined on a consolidated basis based on the regularly... prepared and publicly available statements of operations of the Company prepared in accordance with applicable accounting rules) over such Performance Period; provided, however, that, such cumulative revenues shall be adjusted to exclude any item determined to be special, extraordinary or unusual in nature or infrequent in occurrence as determined by the Committee in accordance with applicable accounting rules; or (B) (i) the percentage determined under clause (A) above, minus (ii) the percentage determined by dividing (a) the cumulative Pre-tax Income of the Company for the calendar year immediately preceding the commencement of such Performance Period by (b) the Company's cumulative revenues (determined as provided in clause (A) above) over such calendar year (with the calculation in this clause (B) representing the Company's average Pre-tax Margin change over the Performance Period). View More
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