Preference Amount

Example Definitions of "Preference Amount"
Preference Amount. Any interest on or principal of the Class A Notes which has become Due for Payment, the Nonpayment of which would have been covered by the Policy, and which was made to a Holder by or on behalf of the Issuer which has been deemed a preferential transfer and recoverable, or theretofore recovered, from its Holder pursuant to the Bankruptcy Code in accordance with a final, nonappealable order of a court of competent jurisdiction; provided that any Preference Amount that constitutes interest shall... be limited to the amount of interest on the Note Balance of the Class A Notes (calculated at the Interest Rate for the relevant class of Class A Notes) accrued as of the last day of the applicable interest accrual period with respect to the Class A Notes and shall not, in any event, include any interest on the Class A Notes accrued after such date or any interest on such interest amount; provided, further, that in no event shall Ambac be obligated to make any payment in respect to any Preference Amount to the extent that such payment, when added to all prior payments of Deficiency Amounts, would exceed the Maximum Insured Amount. View More
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