Present Value

Example Definitions of "Present Value"
Present Value. The term "Present Value" on any particular date shall have the same meaning as provided in Section 280G(d)(4) of the Code.
Present Value. For purposes of this Agreement, shall be determined in accordance with Section 280G(d) (4) of the Code as of the date specified for such determination, applying a discount rate, compounded no less frequently than monthly, that is equivalent to the rate specified for such determination.
Present Value. Determined based on the actuarial assumptions in use for the purpose of determining the amount of lump sum distributions under the H.B. Fuller Company Retirement Plan, as in effect at the time Present Value is determined for the purposes of this Agreement.
Present Value. Means the value determined in accordance with Code section 280G(d)(4) and the regulations thereunder.
Present Value. Such amount discounted by nine percent (9%) per annum
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