Previously Assigned Patent Rights

Example Definitions of "Previously Assigned Patent Rights"
Previously Assigned Patent Rights. All right, title and interest in and to any U.S. Patent Applications listed on Exhibit A, any invention claimed therein, any other patent application directed to any such invention, and all Letters Patent of the United States that may be granted thereon, and all reissues, continuations, continuations-in-part, divisions, revisions, reexaminations, and extensions thereof; and all rights to claim priority on the basis of such applications, and all applications for Letters Patent that have been or... may be filed for any such invention in any country of the world and all Letters Patent that may be granted on any such invention in any country of the world, and all extensions, renewals, and reissues thereof, constituting all patent rights made or developed pursuant to the Prior Services Agreement that have, pursuant to the provisions thereof, previously been assigned by CRX to CRX-SG View More
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