Prior Investment Obligation

Example Definitions of "Prior Investment Obligation"
Prior Investment Obligation. Any liabilities arising by operation of any 'limited partner clawback,' 'all partner clawback,' 'recallable distributions,' capital contribution or similar obligation to return or repay distributions or otherwise contribute capital (whether such return, repayment or contribution obligation shall be effected by repayment, drawdown, deduction from any capital account, set-off against any subsequent distribution or otherwise) pursuant to the GP Agreement or the Partnership Agreement or as required... by applicable law to the extent such liabilities relate to (i) all or part of a distribution made to any Seller Holder on or prior to the Cut Off Date or (ii) all or any part of an underlying portfolio investment that was realized (including any write-off of an entire portfolio investment) on or prior to the Cut Off Date, whether or not there was a distribution related to such realization event View More
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