Prior Securities

Example Definitions of "Prior Securities"
Prior Securities. Means the Company's outstanding 10% Original Issue Discount Senior Secured Convertible Promissory Notes in the total combined principal amount of $2,777,778 (not including accrued and unpaid interest), shares of Common Stock or Common Stock Equivalents issued or issuable pursuant to the Consulting Agreement entered into by the Company on or about December 16, 2022, and all shares of Common Stock issued or issuable pursuant to any of the foregoing
Prior Securities. Collectively, (a) the Common Stock issuable or issued upon conversion of shares of Series Seed Preferred Stock, Series A Preferred Stock, Series B Preferred Stock, Series C Preferred Stock and Series D Preferred Stock, (b) the Common Stock acquired pursuant to that certain Common Stock Purchase Agreement by and between the Company, Discovery Global Citizens Master Fund, Ltd., Discovery Global Focus Master Fund, Ltd. and Discovery Global Opportunity Master Fund, Ltd. and the sellers listed... therein dated on or about March 21, 2014, and (c) any Common Stock of the Company issued as (or issuable upon the conversion or exercise of any warrant, right or other security that is issued as) a dividend or other distribution with respect to, or in exchange for, or in replacement of, the shares referenced in (a) and (b) above in each case that are Registrable Securities View More
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