Private Equity Financing

Example Definitions of "Private Equity Financing"
Private Equity Financing. A privately marketed equity financing resulting in gross proceeds in excess of $250,000 which closes before the Calendar Due Date; provided, however, that none of the following issuances of securities shall constitute a "Private Equity Financing": (i) the offering of these Notes and any subsequent offerings of convertible promissory notes or any other debt offering; (ii) securities issued without consideration in connection with any stock or unit split of, or stock or unit dividend on, Maker's... Common Stock; (iii) securities issued to Maker's employees, officers, directors, consultants, advisors or service providers pursuant to any plan, agreement or similar arrangement unanimously approved by Maker's board of directors; (iv) securities issued to banks or equipment lessors; (v) securities issued in connection with a bona fide business acquisition of or by the Company (whether by merger, consolidation, sale of assets, sale or exchange of stock or otherwise); or (vi) any right, option or warrant to acquire any security convertible into or exercisable for the securities listed in clauses (i) through (v) above View More
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