Pro Rata

Example Definitions of "Pro Rata"
Pro Rata. In proportion to the Investors' respective Percentage Ownership Interests.
Pro Rata. With respect to NRG Unsecured Claims, a number (expressed as a percentage) equal to the proportion that the amount of any Allowed NRG Unsecured Claim, as of the Date of Determination, bears to the aggregate amount of all NRG Unsecured Claims (including disputed, contingent, and unliquidated Claims), as determined by the Maximum Amount, as of the Date of Determination
Pro Rata. Means, with respect to Holders who have requested to include Registrable Securities in a Registration Statement, apportioned among all such Holders in accordance with the relative number of Registrable Securities held by each such holder and included in the Notice relating to such request.
Pro Rata. As to a particular Person, pro rata in accordance with the number of Shares that each such Person has requested be included in a respective registration, regardless of the number of Shares held by each such Person.
Pro Rata. As to any Secured Party at any time, the percentage equivalent at such time of such Secured Party's aggregate unpaid principal amount of Loans, divided by the combined aggregate unpaid principal amount of all Loans of all Secured Parties
Pro Rata. The meaning given in subsection 2.1.4.
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