Product Complaint

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Product Complaint. Shall mean any communication that contains any allegation, written, electronic, or oral, expressing concern, for any reason, regarding the quality of a Product, including foul odor, off taste, illness or injury, disintegration time, color variation, tablet size or size variation, under-filled container, foreign material in a Product container, improper packaging, mislabeling, or Products that are superpotent, subpotent, or containing the wrong ingredient or any contaminant, such as bacteria,... pesticide, mycotoxin, glass, or lead View More
Product Complaint. Any written, electronic, or oral communication of dissatisfaction regarding the identity, quality, durability, reliability and safety, with respect to Product quality, effectiveness or performance of a Product. A Product Complaint may occur, among other ways, in the receipt of biopsy kits, or final Product during implantation/grafting or post-surgery.
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