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Product Know How. Technical, scientific and medical information, knowledge, know-how, inventions and trade secrets, that are necessary for the development, registration, manufacturing, packaging, stability, bioavailability, formulation, sale, use or commercialization of Orapred Liquids or Orapred ODT, as the case may be, including, without limitation: (a) physiochemical data, specifications, quality control information and procedures; (b) market research data solely to the extent BioMarin has the right to... provide such data to Alliant; and (c) information concerning the clinical, toxicological and pharmacological properties with respect to all of the foregoing, owned or controlled by BioMarin or its Affiliates or licensed to BioMarin or its Affiliates pursuant to the Ascent License or the Cima License, as of the Effective Date View More
Product Know How. Means information or data, including regulatory documentation, necessary for the manufacture, use, importation or sale of Licensed Products in the Field in the Territory, owned, licensed or generated by CyDex and its Affiliates, before and during the Term of this Agreement relating to the Compound and/or Captisol.
Product Know How. Means information or data related to the Licensed Product owned, licensed or developed by CyDex and its Affiliates, which is not included within the Licensed Product Patents.
Product Know How. Any trade secrets, know-how, recipes, formulae, methods, processes, technical information, directions, instructions, protocols, procedures, techniques, raw material sources, concepts and ideas owned, as of the date of this Agreement or hereafter, by Licensor that are necessary or used for to growing, cultivating, manufacturing, packaging and labeling of the Products provided, however, that unless otherwise agreed in writing by Licensor after the date hereof, any of the foregoing shall only... constitute "Product Know-How" if not otherwise known in the cannabis industry other than as a result of an improper disclosure by Licensee View More
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