Product Line

Example Definitions of "Product Line"
Product Line. Means the AngelĀ® Concentrated Platelet System product line.
Product Line. Each of the following product categories, with each understood to specifically contain and be solely composed of the individual products and parts set forth on Schedule A: (i) Mosaic, (ii) Vertu, (iii) Lucent Lateral, (iv) Lucent Expandable, (v) ISP (Clutch), and (vi) Zip Tie (Karma). Any future modifications, improvements, or enhancements (collectively, "Improvements") to the foregoing Product Lines, to the extent they are made to and incorporated within such systems, shall be included in the... relevant Product Line and Blain will be entitled to royalty payments on the Net Sales of the products within the Product Line which incorporate such Improvements, pursuant to the terms of this Agreement. View More
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