Prohibited Issuance

Example Definitions of "Prohibited Issuance"
Prohibited Issuance. Means the issuance of: (A) any shares of Common Stock at a purchase price less than the then-existing Conversion Price or the issuance of any Common Stock Equivalents with a conversion price or exercise price less than the then-existing Conversion Price, except under any stockholder approved equity incentive plan; (B) any Common Stock Equivalents consisting of Indebtedness that is convertible into or exchangeable or exercisable for Common Stock at a price below the then-existing Conversion... Price; (C) any preferred stock of the Corporation that is senior to or pari passu with the Preferred Stock with respect to rights, preferences or privileges as to dividends, liquidation preference or redemption or contains a greater than 1x liquidation preference or is a "participating" preferred stock; (D) any shares of Common Stock or Common Stock Equivalents to the extent the effective purchase or conversion price or the number of underlying shares floats or resets or otherwise varies or is subject to adjustment (directly or indirectly) based on market prices of the Common Stock; or (E) any warrants or other rights to purchase Common Stock that, when valued on a black scholes basis, decreases the purchase price for such warrants or other rights below the then-existing Conversion Price. View More
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