Prohibited Transferee

Example Definitions of "Prohibited Transferee"
Prohibited Transferee. Means (a) any owner, operator, or manager of, or Person primarily engaged in the business of owning or operating, a hotel, casino, or an internet or interactive gaming site, (b) any "non-profit" or "not-for-profit" corporation, association, trust, fund, foundation or other similar entity organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes that qualifies as a tax-exempt entity under federal and state tax law or corresponding foreign law, (c) any federal, state, local or foreign... governmental agency, instrumentality or similar entity, (d) any Person that has been convicted of a felony, (e) any Person regularly engaged in or affiliated with the production or distribution of alcoholic beverages, or (f) any Unsuitable Person. View More
Prohibited Transferee. Any Person who, to the knowledge of the Investor Stockholders, is (i) a Company Competitor, (ii) an Activist Stockholder, (iii) a Person who at the time of such Transfer Beneficially Owns more than five percent (5%) of the then issued and outstanding Purchaser Shares, or (iv) a Person who, immediately following such Transfer, would Beneficially Own more than five percent (5%) of the then issued and outstanding Purchaser Shares; provided, that the foregoing sub-sections (iii) and (iv) shall not... apply to any Person that has filed, or has a current obligation to file, a report on Schedule 13G with the SEC in respect of its ownership of any class of equity securities of the Company. View More
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