Project Common Areas

Example Definitions of "Project Common Areas"
Project Common Areas. The term "Project Common Areas" shall mean the areas and facilities within the Project provided and designated by Landlord for the general use, convenience or benefit of Tenant and other tenants and occupants of the Project (e.g., walkways, traffic aisles, accessways, utilities and communications conduits and facilities).
Project Common Areas. Means the areas, facilities, systems and equipment other than the Shared Building Areas that Sublandlord makes available for the general use or benefit of the tenants, subtenants and other occupants of the Project, as the same are modified, reconfigured, expanded or removed by Sublandlord, including, but not limited to, (A) Mechanical Systems generally serving the tenants, subtenants and other occupants of the Building, but excluding Mechanical Systems that exclusively serve the Shared... Buildings Areas, the Subleased Premises or Sublandlord's Retained Space, and (B) elevators, sidewalks, driveways, parking areas, curbing, trash enclosures, dumpsters, storm water detention and retention facilities, sewage treatment facilities, back-up generators, water towers, outdoor seating areas, retaining walls, landscaping, irrigation systems, and signs. View More
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