Project Insurance Costs

Example Definitions of "Project Insurance Costs"
Project Insurance Costs. Means (i) all costs incurred by Sublandlord to maintain insurance covering the Project, including, without limitation, the Premises Property Insurance required under the Master Lease and all liability insurance that Sublandlord deems necessary or desirable in connection with the Common Areas or its operation thereof, (ii) all insurance costs that Sublandlord is required to pay to Landlord under the Master Lease, and (iii) all amounts paid by Sublandlord on account of loss and damage to or at... the Project covered by such insurance that are within the deductibles thereof, including, without limitation, personal injury, death and property damage. The Project Insurance Costs shall not include the cost of Sublandlord's commercial general liability insurance covering Sublandlord's activities or operations within the Sublandlord's Retained Space or property insurance covering Sublandlord's personal property located in the Sublandlord's Retained Space, but may cover any personal property of Sublandlord located in the Common Areas. View More
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