Project Schedule

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Project Schedule. That certain development schedule for the Completion of the Project, proposed draw request schedules and the expected dates of completion, which schedule is attached hereto as Exhibit "E"
Project Schedule. The schedule for completion of the Project and all components thereof as may be modified from time to time, in compliance with the provisions hereof. As used herein the term "initial Project Schedule" shall mean the Project Schedule identified on Exhibit 5, which is hereby approved by Harbor and Owner. If a Force Majeure Event occurs or an Owner Change Order results in a delay, then the completion date for the Project, as provided for in the Project Schedule, shall be extended, as applicable,... by a commercially reasonable amount of time based on the Owner Change Order or one day for each day commencing with the start of the cause or circumstance giving rise to the Force Majeure Event and ending as soon as possible after that cause or circumstance has ceased to have effect View More
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