Proofs of Claim

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Proofs of Claim. Means the late proofs of claim, including late class proofs of claim, that the Ignition Switch Plaintiffs, certain Non-Ignition Switch Plaintiffs and certain Pre-Closing Accident Plaintiffs sought authority to file pursuant to the Late Claims Motions and the Supplemental Late Claims Motion, and any amendments thereto filed prior to the execution of this Agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, the Proofs of Claim do not include any proofs of claim filed by any client of Hilliard Martinez Gonzalez... LLP or The Law Offices of Thomas J. Henry, including any parties who sought to file late claims pursuant to ECF No. 13807 and any related supplemental late claim motion (the "Hilliard Plaintiffs"). The Hilliard Plaintiffs shall not be entitled to any of the rights or benefits conferred under this Agreement. View More
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