Property EBITDA

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Property EBITDA. Is defined as, for any period of time, without duplication, net earnings (loss), excluding net derivative gains (losses) and gains (losses) on dispositions of real estate, before deductions for the Trust and its Subsidiaries (including amounts reported in discontinued operations) for (i) interest expense (including prepayment penalties); (ii) provision for taxes based on income; (iii) depreciation, amortization and all other non-cash items, as determined in good faith by the Trust, deducted in... arriving at net income (loss); (iv) extraordinary items; (v) non-recurring items, as determined in good faith by the Trust; and (vi) minority interest. In each case for such period, amounts will be as reasonably determined by the Trust in accordance with GAAP, except to the extent GAAP is not applicable with respect to the determination of non-cash and non-recurring items. For purposes of this definition, Property EBITDA will not include Trust general and administrative expenses and other Trust expenses such as land holding costs, employee and trustee stock and stock option expense and pursuit cost write-offs as determined in good faith by the Trust. View More
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