Proportionate Share

Example Definitions of "Proportionate Share"
Proportionate Share. That share which is equal to a Party's percentage Interest.
Proportionate Share. Tenant's proportionate share of the Operating Expenses, any Imposition and any other cost, charge, rent, expense or payment herein designated as additional rent shall be calculated, unless otherwise specified, by multiplying the relevant sum by a fraction, the numerator of which shall be the square foot area of the Premises and the denominator of which shall be the square foot area of the Building as set forth in Article 1 hereof, which is 75.62%.
Proportionate Share. The net rentable area in the Premises (3,281 square feet) divided by the net rentable area in the Building (145,923 square feet), which equals 2.3 percent If Tenant leases from Landlord any additional space in the Building pursuant to the terms and provisions of this Lease, then Tenant's Proportionate Share shall be increased accordingly.
Proportionate Share. A percentage equal to the Minimum Volume Commitment for a line segment divided by the Total Minimum Volume Commitments (including the Minimum Volume Commitment) for such line segment
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