Proprietary or Confidential Information

Example Definitions of "Proprietary or Confidential Information"
Proprietary or Confidential Information. The term Proprietary or Confidential Information shall include, but not be limited to, any and all information in whatever form, whether written, electronically stored, orally transmitted or memorized pertaining to: any trade secret; confidential or non-public information (including, but not limited to, any materials or information the Company designates as being proprietary or confidential); knowledge or data, whether of a technical or commercial nature; sales or production records or data;... long and short term goals; license arrangements and terms; confidential matters concerning private brand offerings; records; ledgers; business correspondence; memoranda and other records databases; programs; product or service pricing and pricing policies; business development plans; products and technologies; designs; product tests; manufacturing costs; sales and marketing plans; research and development plans; formulas; Inventions; trademarks; patents and patent filings; technical information; copyrighted material; financial statements; financial plans or other financial information; tax or tax information; proprietary software; personnel information and files; engineering and tooling records and data; managerial and operational policies; ideas; plans; methods; practices and procedures; vendor and/or supply arrangements; techniques; vendor or supplier lists; marketing strategies; customer lists; customer records and other information regarding customers; other confidential business information related to the conduct or strategy of the business of the Company; and other information relating to the business of the Company that is not known generally to the public or in the industry. View More
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