Proprietary Parts

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Proprietary Parts. Means those parts manufactured and/or branded by Workhorse and/or available exclusively through Workhorse or its exclusive provider including, but not limited to, any form fitted motor gears, sensors, glass, paneling, power control, batteries and suspension parts. The list of Proprietary Parts as well as associated costs will be provided by Workhorse to Ryder within 30 days of the date hereof. As the design of the Workhorse Vehicles evolve, Workhorse may increase the types of Proprietary Parts... it exclusively supplies; provided, that Workhorse agrees to notify Ryder immediately of any such new Proprietary Parts that will be supplied exclusively by Workhorse. For the avoidance of doubt, Proprietary Parts will not include items such as, but not limited to, tires, wiper blades, lights and interior trim/seating. View More
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