Protected Work

Example Definitions of "Protected Work"
Protected Work. Any and all ideas, inventions, formulas, Confidential Information, source codes, object codes, techniques, processes, concepts, systems, programs, software, software integration techniques, hardware systems, schematics, flow charts, computer data bases, client lists, trademarks, service marks, brand names, trade names, compilations, documents, data, notes, designs, drawings, technical data or training materials, including improvements thereto or derivatives therefrom, whether or not patentable,... and whether or not subject to copyright or trademark or trade secret protection, conceived, developed or produced by Executive, or by others working with Executive or under his direction, during the period of his employment, or conceived, produced or used or intended for use by or on behalf of the Bank or its customers. For purposes of this definition of Protected Work, references to the "Bank" shall include Bank, the Company, Allegiance, Allegiance Bank, and their affiliates. View More
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