Purchased Intellectual Property

Example Definitions of "Purchased Intellectual Property"
Purchased Intellectual Property. The meaning set forth in the Asset Purchase Agreement.
Purchased Intellectual Property. All of HJL's Intellectual Property used exclusively in connection with the Products, including but not limited to the name ProColĀ®. Purchased Intellectual Property includes all confidential information concerning the ProCol Business and the Purchased Assets, including client and customer lists, supplier lists, trade secrets, know how, data, information, documents, inventions, developments, or forms owned or used by HJL included in the Purchased Assets transferred to LMAT pursuant to this... Agreement, whether or not any of the foregoing is published or unpublished, protected or susceptible to protection under patent, trademark, copyright or similar laws and whether or not any party has elected to secure or attempted to secure such protection, except in each case to the extent not used exclusively in connection with the manufacture of the Products. View More
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