Purchased Units

Example Definitions of "Purchased Units"
Purchased Units. Means the Common Units acquired by the Purchaser pursuant to the Contribution Agreement and any Common Units into which any other Unit Consideration (provided, that for purposes of this Agreement, when used such term shall be deemed to include any other securities or interests into which any such Unit Consideration is converted or exchanged or any units or other securities issued in respect of such Unit Consideration) received by the Purchaser are converted or exchanged in accordance with the... terms of the Operating Agreement or otherwise View More
Purchased Units. The Class A Membership Interests purchased by the Purchasers pursuant to the Purchase Agreement.
Purchased Units. Means, collectively, any series of Exchangeable Preferred Units that the Partnership requires Dealer to purchase on the Closing Date pursuant to Section 2(a)(i).
Purchased Units. The meaning given to such term in the Purchase Agreement
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