Pursue Approval

Example Definitions of "Pursue Approval"
Pursue Approval. (and its other forms including Pursues Approval, Pursuing Approval, Approval Pursuit, etc.) means all activities that relate to (a) obtaining, maintaining or expanding Regulatory Approval of the Product or (b) developing the ability to formulate, fill and finish commercial quantities of the Product. This includes, without limitation, (i) formulation and manufacturing-related technology development; (ii) preparation, submission, review, and development of data or information for the purpose of... submission to a governmental authority to obtain, maintain and/or expand Regulatory Approval of the Product, including pricing approval, and outside regulatory services related thereto; (iii) fill/finish work associated with the supply of Product for Regulatory Approval and commercial supplies, and related quality assurance technical support activities; (iv) stability studies; (v) clinical trials, (vi) post-Regulatory Approval product support for the Product (including manufacturing and quality assurance technical support, efforts directed toward the further understanding of the safety and efficacy of Product and clinical trials); and (vii) Product-related medical affairs (including regulatory support necessary for product maintenance). View More
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