Qualified 797 License

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Qualified 797 License. The first license by the Maker or the 797 Subsidiary following the date hereof to a person other than (x) an affiliate of the Maker or (y) the Holder or any of its affiliates for the development and commercialization of the 797 Product that either (i) is exclusive, for all fields of use, and for such territory or territories that include the United States or (ii) is expressly confirmed in writing by the Holder to constitute a Qualified 797 License in accordance with Section 2(f) of this Note.... Qualified 797 License shall not include any license solely of the ARRY 614 drug candidate or its Related Assets. Any license arrangement that includes both the 797 Product and the ARRY 614 drug candidate that otherwise meets the requirements of this definition shall constitute a Qualified 797 License. View More
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