Qualified Accounts

Example Definitions of "Qualified Accounts"
Qualified Accounts. (a) accounts receivable owing from T-Mobile and any college or university that are under 120 days from date of invoice, (b) all other accounts receivable due from any other vendor that do not exceed 90 days from date of invoice or are aged less than 60 days from due date for invoice payment terms that are less than or equal to 30 days, (c) are not subject to dispute, counterclaim and/or setoff (contra-accounts), (d) are due from unrelated third party customers of the Borrowers; (e) are not... subject to offset/lien of a bonding company, (f) are not part of a contractual progress billing, (g) are not deemed retainage, (h) are not payable by a foreign entity unless supported by credit insurance acceptable to Lender, (i) are not a bill & hold, (j) are not a finance charge, and (k) are not from a party related to the Borrowers (i.e. affiliate, subsidiary, employee, principal, etc.) View More
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