Qualified Trust

Example Definitions of "Qualified Trust"
Qualified Trust. Means, with respect to any Family Member, any trust with respect to which such Family Member or a Related Party is the grantor.
Qualified Trust. Each 2009 Trust, each 2001 Trust and any other trust that (i) is primarily for the benefit of one or more Qualified Persons, and (ii) as to which no Person other than a Qualified Person or another Qualified Trust is currently eligible or entitled to receive any distribution of income or principal from the trust. For avoidance of doubt, the mere possibility that, by reason of exercise of a power of appointment granted in the governing instrument or otherwise, Persons other than Qualified Persons... or other Qualified Trusts might at some future date become eligible or entitled to receive distributions of income or principal from the trust shall not prevent a trust from being considered a Qualified Trust. View More
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