Qualifying Losses

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Qualifying Losses. Means any Losses incurred in connection with a Qualifying Dealer Loan funded by GMAC or any GMAC Subsidiaries to an Underwritten Dealer or a Non-Underwritten Dealer, including, without limitation, (i) any Losses relating to fraud, (ii) fifty percent (50%) of any Losses related to the exercise of remedies with respect to any Qualifying Dealer Loan, and (iii) Losses representing the difference between (x) the amount of a Qualifying Dealer Loan funded to an Underwritten Dealer or a... Non-Underwritten Dealer, as the case may be, and (y) the gross amount recovered by GMAC or any GMAC Subsidiary in respect of such Qualifying Dealer Loan after GMAC or the applicable GMAC Subsidiary has exhausted reasonable remedies (other than any reimbursement pursuant hereto) for portions of such Losses, including, without limitation, but subject to GMAC's business practices for loans that are not subject to reimbursement by LLC, the sale of the vehicle and recovery of any deficiency claim in related bankruptcy proceedings as well as recourse to any repurchase agreement with Chrysler or Reorganized Chrysler, as the case may be View More
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