Qualifying Material Acquisition

Example Definitions of "Qualifying Material Acquisition"
Qualifying Material Acquisition. Means any acquisition by the Company or any of its Subsidiaries of (a) equity interests in any Person if, after giving effect thereto, such Person will become a Subsidiary of the Company (or, if such Person is already a Subsidiary of the Company, such acquisition shall increase the equity of such Person owned by the Company and its Subsidiaries) or (b) assets comprising all or substantially all the assets of (or all or substantially all the assets constituting a business unit, division, product... line or line of business of) any Person (in the case of both clauses (a) and (b), including as a result of a merger or consolidation); provided that the aggregate cash consideration therefor (including Debt of such acquired Person (or such business unit, division, product line or line of business) assumed in connection therewith or that is refinanced in connection therewith, all obligations in respect of deferred purchase price and all other cash consideration payable in connection therewith) exceeds US$750,000,000. View More
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