Ratification of Indenture; Supplemental Indentures Part of Indenture

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Ratification of Indenture; Supplemental Indentures Part of Indenture. Except as expressly amended hereby, the Indenture is in all respects ratified and confirmed and all the terms, conditions and provisions thereof shall remain in full force and effect. This Supplemental Indenture shall form a part of the Indenture for all purposes, and each Holder of Notes, by accepting the Notes whether heretofore or hereafter authenticated and delivered (a) agrees to and shall be bound by such provisions, (b) authorizes and directs the Trustee, on behalf of such Holder, to... take such action as may be necessary or appropriate to effectuate the subordination as provided in the Indenture and (c) appoints the Trustee attorney-in-fact of such Holder for such purpose; provided, however, that [the][each] New Guarantor and each Guarantor shall be released from all its obligations with respect to this Guarantee in accordance with the terms of the Indenture, including Section 11.08 of the Indenture and upon any defeasance of the Notes in accordance with Article VIII of the Indenture. View More
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