R&D Agreement Information and Inventions

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R&D Agreement Information and Inventions. All technical, scientific and other know-how and information, trade secrets, knowledge, technology, means, methods, processes, practices, formulas, instructions, skills, techniques, procedures, experiences, ideas, technical assistance, designs, drawings, assembly procedures, computer programs, apparatuses, specifications, data, results and other material, including pre-clinical and clinical trial results, manufacturing procedures and test procedures and techniques, (whether or not confidential,... proprietary, patented or patentable and whether or not Confidential Information) in written, electronic or any other form now known or hereafter developed, and all Improvements, whether to the foregoing or otherwise, and other discoveries, developments, inventions, and other intellectual property (whether or not confidential, proprietary, patented or patentable), in each case, to the extent related to the R&D Agreement Technology and any R&D Agreement Product. View More
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