Reallocation Election

Example Definitions of "Reallocation Election"
Reallocation Election. An election pursuant to Section 2 to convert a portion of the RSU Account into Deferred Cash and/or a SAR
Reallocation Election. Means, to the extent that Liberty Broadband or Liberty Interactive, determine to acquire a number of shares of Company Stock in excess of the LBC Current TWC Shares or the LIC Current TWC Shares, as the case may be, prior to the Exchange Time, either party may elect to reduce the total number of shares of Company Stock it may exchange hereunder to allow the other party to exchange such additional shares of Company Stock so acquired; provided, that in no event shall a Reallocation Election... result in a number of shares of Company Stock exchangeable hereunder exceeding 110% of the sum of the total number of LBC Current TWC Shares and LIC Current TWC Shares. View More
Reallocation Election. A written document executed by the Participant specifying the Participant's instructions regarding the matters addressed by Section 7 of this Plan.
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