Reasonable Best Efforts

Example Definitions of "Reasonable Best Efforts"
Reasonable Best Efforts. Means that the Company has taken steps which are commercially reasonable under the circumstances to accomplish its obligations hereunder, without jeopardizing the Company's operational and financial stability.
Reasonable Best Efforts. Taking, in good faith and in a sustained and diligent manner, all commercially reasonable steps necessary and proper to achieve the stated objective or obligation, including by, among other things consistent with and subject to the foregoing clause, HSL in its sole discretion will at all times maintain manufacturing capacity and staffing levels (including by temporarily adding weekend shifts, as necessary) sufficient to ensure HSL will satisfy all of the Forecasts set forth herein, in... accordance with this Agreement. View More
Reasonable Best Efforts. Means any of the practices, methods and act which in the exercise of reasonable judgment in light of the facts known, or which in the exercise of due diligence, should have been known, at the time the decision was made, would have been expected by third parties in the veterinary diagnostic industry to accomplish the desired result consistent with reliability, safety, expedition, economics, law and regulation.
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