Receivables Purchase Agreement

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Receivables Purchase Agreement. Collectively, any trade receivables purchase and sale facilities and/or other receivables purchase agreements permitted pursuant to ยง9.3 the terms and conditions of which are either (a) substantially similar in all material respects to those provided for in the Trade Receivables Purchase and Sale Facility, dated April 17, 2001, among Ciesco L.P., Thunder Bay Funding Inc., Citicorp North America Inc. ("Citicorp"), Royal Bank of Canada and Ryder Receivables Funding, L.L.C. or (b) have been... consented to by the Administrative Agent, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld, in either case, whether characterized as sales agreements or security agreements. View More
Receivables Purchase Agreement. The Receivables Purchase Agreement, to be dated as of the Closing Date, between Carvana and the Depositor
Receivables Purchase Agreement. The meaning set forth in paragraph B of the recitals
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