Receiving Party-Funded Payments

Example Definitions of "Receiving Party-Funded Payments"
Receiving Party-Funded Payments. Means payments that will be (a) paid by the Receiving Party or its Affiliates directly to a third party service provider or (b) processed by the Providing Party or its Affiliate as part of the Services but that will be funded by Receiving Party or its Affiliates prior to payment through deposit(s) into a Receiving Party operating bank account from which the Providing Party can process the applicable payment, including payroll and accounts payable payments, as such payments are expressly... identified on Exhibit A. In circumstances where the Providing Party is processing Receiving Party-Funded Payments, including payroll and accounts payable, the Providing Party shall have no obligation to process such payments if there are not sufficient funds available in the applicable operating bank account to make such payments. View More
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