Reciprocating Licensee

Example Definitions of "Reciprocating Licensee"
Reciprocating Licensee. Means a person or entity that meets all of the following conditions, but only so long as such person or entity continues to meet all of the conditions: (i) a person or entity to whom all or a part of the Collective Technology is licensed by TI; (ii) a person or entity that has agreed to a covenant not to sue or assert, immunity from suit or litigation, license, or similar right that benefits and protects a class of persons, which class includes MaxLinear, from any claim (including... counterclaim), suit, or proceeding being brought or otherwise asserted for infringement by the Collective Technology or by distribution or use of the Collective Technology, which right is substantially equivalent to, or broader in scope than, the covenant agreed to by MaxLinear in Section 2(f) and which is still in effect (“Reciprocal Covenant”); and (iii) a person or entity that is not a designer, developer, or manufacturer of silicon tuners. View More
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