Record or Records

Example Definitions of "Record or Records"
Record or Records. Means all books and records, files, data, correspondence, studies, surveys, reports, maps, and other files in any way related to the Operating Interests, including Hydrocarbon sales contract files, gas processing files, geologic, proprietary geophysical and seismic data (including raw data and any interpretative data or information relating to such geologic, geophysical and seismic data) and other data (in each case whether in written or electronic format) in TEG's possession or control and... relating to the Operating Interests, including all title records, prospect information, title opinions, title insurance reports, abstracts, property ownership reports, customer lists, supplier lists, sales materials, well logs, well tests, maps, engineering data and reports, health, environmental and safety information and records, lease and land files, title files, third-party licenses, promotional materials, operational records, technical records, service and warranty records, reserve estimates and economic estimates; production and processing records, division order, lease, land and right-of-way files, accounting and financial files, tax records and contract files (including all files regarding the Contracts and related files); together with any engineering designs, technical plans, drawings, analysis, maintenance and inspection reports relating to all Wells or used in connection with the Operating Interests. View More
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