Example Definitions of "Recovery"
Recovery. Of Payments Made by Mistake
Recovery. Or "Recoveries" shall mean any amount payable to or received by the Company in reimbursement of any Loss paid by the Reinsurer under this Agreement, whether by subrogation, salvage, reimbursement or other recovery from the Issuer or otherwise.
Recovery. The gross amount of all value received by PDS and PTSC and TPL from enforcing the Project Patents, or under any license or settlement agreement under the Project Patents, whether in satisfaction of any settlement, release of any claim, any judgment, any transfer of rights relating to the Project Patents, and/or any theory of recovery or award as alleged or to be alleged in the court action, including any award of damages, increased or treble damages, costs, attorneys' fees, and interest,... whether by compromise or judgment after suit is filed, or transfer of ownership in the Project Patents or transfer of ownership of PDS. View More
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