Reference Rate

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Reference Rate. Shall mean an implicit interest rate of eight and 50/100 percent (8.5%).
Reference Rate. The rate announced by Bank from time to time at its corporate headquarters as its Reference Rate. The Reference Rate is an index rate determined by Bank from time to time as a means of pricing certain extensions of credit and is neither directly tied to any external rate of interest or index nor necessarily the lowest rate of interest charged by Bank at any given time.
Reference Rate. On any day means the per annum rate of interest that Royal Bank of Canada has established as its head office in Toronto as a reference rate of interest that it will charge on that day for loans in Canadian dollars to Canadian corporate customers and which it refers to as its prime rate.
Reference Rate. The rate of interest per annum from time to time published in the money rates section of the Wall Street Journal or any successor publication thereto as the "prime rate" then in effect; provided that if such rate of interest, as set forth from time to time in the money rates section of the Wall Street Journal, becomes unavailable for any reason as determined by Payee, the "Prime Rate" shall mean the rate of interest per annum announced by Silicon Valley Bank as its prime rate in effect at its... principal office in the State of California. View More
Reference Rate. The meaning assigned to such term in the Pricing Side Letter
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