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References to "APEI". In addition to American Public Education, Inc., any constituent corporation (including any constituent of a constituent) absorbed in a consolidation or merger to which American Public Education, Inc. (or any of its wholly owned subsidiaries) is a party which, if its separate existence had continued, would have had power and authority to indemnify its directors, officers, managers, employees, agents or fiduciaries, so that if Indemnified Person is or was a director, officer, manager, employee,... agent or fiduciary of such constituent corporation, or is or was serving at the request of such constituent corporation as a director, officer, manager, partner (general or limited), member, trustee, employee, agent or fiduciary of another corporation, partnership, joint venture, limited liability company, employee benefit plan, trust or other enterprise, Indemnified Person shall stand in the same position under the provisions of this Agreement with respect to the resulting or surviving corporation as Indemnified Person would have with respect to such constituent corporation if its separate existence had continued. View More
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