Example Definitions of "Refund"
Refund. Any refund of taxes, including any reduction in taxes by means of a credit, offset or otherwise
Refund. Any Shall mean any refund of taxes, Taxes, including any reduction in taxes Taxes by means of a credit, offset or otherwise otherwise.
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Refund. Any cash refund of Taxes or reduction of Taxes by means of credit, offset or otherwise, together with any interest received thereon
Refund. Means any refund (or credit in lieu thereof) of Taxes (including any overpayment of Taxes that can be refunded or, alternatively, applied to other Taxes payable), including any interest paid on or with respect to such refund of Taxes; provided, however, that for purposes of this Agreement, the amount of any Refund required to be paid to another Party shall be reduced by (i) the net amount of any Income Taxes imposed on, related to, or attributable to, the receipt or accrual of such Refund and... (ii) any reasonable third-party out-of-pocket expenses incurred to obtain such Refund; provided, that any contingency fees shall be calculated solely on the amount of the Refund. View More
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