Regents' Patent Rights

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Regents' Patent Rights. The Regents' interest in any of the patent applications and patents listed in Appendix A attached to this Agreement and at least partially assigned or assignable to The Regents; any applications claiming priority thereto including divisionals, continuations and continuations-in-part (but only to the extent of claims that are entirely supported in the specification and entitled to the priority date of the parent application); any patents issuing on these applications including reissues,... substitutions, and patent extensions; and any corresponding foreign patents, patent applications and supplemental protection certificates; all of which are automatically incorporated in and added to Appendix A and made a part of this Agreement View More
Regents' Patent Rights. Means the following patents and patent applications: (a) U.S. patent 6,004,815 (U.C. Case No. : B98-039-1) issued on Dec. 21, 1999 as "Bacteria Expressing Nonsecreted Cytolysin as Intracellular Microbial Delivery Vehicles to Eukaryotic Cells"; and (b) U.S. patent 6,287,556 (U.C. Case No. : B98-039-2) issued on Sept. 11, 2001 as "Intracellular Delivery Vehicles"; and (c) U.S. patent 6,599,502 (U.C. Case No. : B98-039-3) issued on July 29, 2003 as "Intracellular Delivery Vehicles"; and (d) U.S.... patent application serial number 10/627,452 (U.C. Case No. : B98-039-4) entitled, "Intracellular Delivery Vehicles" filed on July 25, 2003 and any patents issuing therefrom; and (e) and/or any patents or patent applications, including, divisions, continuations, continued prosecution applications, all renewals, reissues, and extensions, re-examinations or claims in continuations-in-part applications, that are entitled to the priority filing date of any of the above-referenced U.S. patents or applications or substitutes for such patents or applications. View More
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