Registrable Common Shares

Example Definitions of "Registrable Common Shares"
Registrable Common Shares. Whether owned by Elutions or a Permitted Transferee, (1) the Shares, (2) any Warrant Shares issued by the Company upon exercise of any Warrant, and (3) any additional shares of Common Stock issued by the Company in respect of Shares or Warrant Shares described in subclause (1) or (2) after the issuance of such Shares or Warrant Shares, as applicable, or in respect of additional shares of Common Stock, in each case in connection with a stock dividend, stock split, combination, exchange,... reorganization, recapitalization or similar reclassification of the Company's securities, or otherwise as a dividend or other distribution with respect to, or in exchange for or in replacement of such Shares, Warrant Shares or additional shares of Common Stock of the Company; provided, that, as to any particular Registrable Common Shares, such securities shall cease to constitute Registrable Common Shares when: (w) a registration statement with respect to the sale of such securities shall have become effective under the Securities Act and such securities shall have been disposed of thereunder; (x) such securities shall have been sold in satisfaction of all applicable conditions to the resale provisions of Rule 144 under the Securities Act (or any similar provision then in force); (y) such securities are otherwise transferred and such securities may be resold without subsequent registration under the Securities Act, or (z) such securities shall have ceased to be issued and outstanding View More
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