Registrable Company Shares

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Registrable Company Shares. Means any Company Shares beneficially owned by any Shareholders, including any other security into or for which Company Shares have been converted, substituted or exchanged and any security issued or issuable with respect thereto upon any "bonus issue" (stock dividend) or "share subdivision" (stock split). Notwithstanding the foregoing, any and all securities referred to in the immediately preceding sentence that at any time after the date hereof (a) have been sold pursuant to an effective... registration statement or Rule 144 under the Securities Act, (b) have been sold in a transaction where a subsequent public distribution of such securities would not require registration under the Securities Act or (c) are not outstanding shall cease to be Registrable Company Shares for all purposes of this Agreement and the Company's obligations regarding Registrable Company Shares hereunder shall cease to apply with respect to such security. View More
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