Registrable Merger Securities

Example Definitions of "Registrable Merger Securities"
Registrable Merger Securities. Shall mean at any time all Merger Shares, including any shares or other securities issued in respect of such Merger Shares by reason of or in connection with any stock dividend, stock distribution, stock split, purchase in any rights offering or in connection with any exchange, conversion or replacement of such Merger Shares or any combination of shares, recapitalization, merger or consolidation, or any other equity securities of Parent issued pursuant to any other pro rata distribution with... respect to the Parent Common Stock; provided, however, that such Registrable Merger Securities shall cease to be Registrable Merger Securities with respect to any Company Stockholder upon the earliest to occur of (a) when such Registrable Merger Securities shall have been sold, transferred, disposed of or exchanged by such Company Stockholder, (b) the date on which such Registrable Merger Securities can be sold by such Company Stockholder in accordance with Rule 144 without volume limitations and (c) the date on which such securities shall have ceased to be outstanding. View More
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