Registration Default Event

Example Definitions of "Registration Default Event"
Registration Default Event. Means the occurrence of any of the following events: (a) the Registration Statement is not declared effective by the Commission on or before the Registration Effectiveness Date; (b) after the SEC Effective Date, the Registration Statement ceases for any reason to remain continuously effective or the Holders are otherwise not permitted to utilize the prospectus therein to resell the Registrable Shares (including a Blackout Period) for a period of more than fifteen (15) consecutive Trading Days,... except as excused pursuant to Section 3(a); or (c) the Registrable Shares, if issued, are not listed or included for quotation on an Approved Market, or trading of the Common Stock is suspended or halted on the Approved Market, which at the time constitutes the principal market for the Common Stock, for more than three (3) full, consecutive Trading Days; provided, however, a Registration Default Event shall not be deemed to occur under this clause (c) if all or substantially all trading in equity securities (including the Common Stock) of the Company is suspended or halted on the Approved Market for any length of time. View More
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