Registration Request

Example Definitions of "Registration Request"
Registration Request. Has the meaning set forth in Section 3A(a).
Registration Request. Request, a "Registration Request" to effect the registration under the Act of the issuance of Exchange Certificates (as defined below) in an amount set forth in the Registration Request and to deliver such Exchange Certificates to Farmer Mac in exchange for an equal amount of the Certificates (the "Sale Certificates"), and the sale by Farmer Mac of the Exchange Certificates
Registration Request. Means a written request to IRT with respect to a Demand Registration pursuant to Section 2(a) and Section 2(b) hereof.
Registration Request. A request by the Noteholder for the registration under the Securities Act of the Registrable Securities held by it pursuant to Section 1 of this Agreement.
Registration Request. The meaning set forth in Section 1(a). The term Registration Request will also include, where appropriate, a Short-Form Registration request made pursuant to Section 1(c)
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