Registration Rights

Example Definitions of "Registration Rights"
Registration Rights. Means registration rights granted pursuant to a registration rights agreement on terms no less favorable than those granted to the holders of the Series C Preferred as more particularly described in the Series C PPM;
Registration Rights. Defined in the recitals of this Agreement
Registration Rights. The Registration Rights set forth in Article VI of the Purchase Agreement among the Corporation and the Holders
Registration Rights. 3 2.1 Restrictions on Transfer 3 2.2 Required Registration 5 2.3 Incidental Registration 6 2.4 Underwriting Arrangements Applicable to Required and Incidental Registrations 7 2.5 Registration Procedures 8 2.6 Expenses 10 2.7 Indemnification 10 2.8 Exceptions to and Termination of Registration Obligations 12 2.9 Cooperation 12 2.10 Market Standoff Agreement 13 2.11 Limitations on Additional Registration Rights 13
Registration Rights. Shall mean a Pledgor's rights under the Registration Rights Agreement, as supplemented and modified in Section 7.b below.
Registration Rights. The rights of Holders set forth in Section 14 to have shares of Registrable Securities registered under the Securities Act for sale under one or more effective Registration Statements
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