Registration Trigger

Example Definitions of "Registration Trigger"
Registration Trigger. Means the later of (i) the earlier of (x) the consummation of the Rights Offering and (y) the date that is one year following the Closing Date and (ii) the date on which the number of unissued Ordinary Shares that are available for issuance by Iterum, less the number of shares that are issuable upon exercise, conversion or exchange of outstanding options, warrants or other securities or that are reserved under any equity incentive plan maintained by Iterum or reserved for exchange of any Notes... issued pursuant to the Rights Offering, is greater than the total number of Ordinary Shares that are issuable upon exchange of the then-outstanding Notes that were issued to the Purchasers pursuant to the Purchase Agreement on the Closing Date (disregarding any limitations on exchange in Section 14.01(c) of the Indenture). View More
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